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Our Story Is Like Our Coffee—Good and Simple

Mariners Cove Coffee started life in 1989 Halifax. It quickly became one of the most popular office and restaurant coffees in town. But for more than 30 years, you couldn’t get a cup of Mariners Cove at home.

Now you can. We’re proud to share this time-tested favourite with everyone who appreciates a good, simple, deliciously down-to-earth cup of coffee.

Good and Simple—But not Plain

The robust flavour of Mariners Cove Coffee comes from 100% premium Arabica beans, skillfully roasted and artfully blended to appeal to the discerning tastes of real coffee lovers.

Try it in a fancy café-style drink if you like—we won’t hold that against you. But you don’t need to get fancy to love Mariners Cove Coffee. Enjoy it simply black or with a little cream and sugar. And savour the fresh, rich flavour.

Sustainability Is in the Can

Our 300 g tins harken back to the classic coffee can, familiar in households everywhere for more than a century. It is made of infinitely recyclable steel, coated with tin. And long past the time all its coffee is brewed, it remains endlessly reusable, holding loose change, buttons, nuts & bolts, keepsakes… Sustainability, like down-to-earth coffee, is simply part of the Mariners Cove way of life.

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